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Talent knows no boundaries. Across Colombia's principal cities, we methodically identify the top 5% of skilled professionals, presenting degree-qualified English speaking candidates rigorously assessed for their skills, background, and cognitive prowess to companies in the US and Canada.


65K+ Highly Qualified and Vetted Candidates, Any Field.

Your Integrated Recruitment, Payroll and HR Partner

  1. Hiring & Onboarding

    We handle all paperwork and employment contracts succinctly and quickly

  2. Payroll & Compliance

    Cornerstone pays your team member through our local entity. You pay USD in the US

  3. Benefits Administration

    Our local HR handles all employee benefits and conforms with local labor laws

  4. Taxes

    We take care of all local taxes for your team, so you just focus on the work you want completed

While saving 50-70% on total employee cost

Clients experience increased productivity and an increase in profitibility
by employing top talent at a lower cost

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Talent Quality

Discover excellence with Cornerstone, tapping into Colombia's talent elite—where our top 5% skilled professionals undergo rigorous vetting for qualifications, expertise, and seamless integration into your team.
Colombia's talent is among the best in the world

Customer Renewal

Cornerstone stands out with unwavering commitment, specializing in top-tier Latin American outsourcing talent and delivering transformative business experiences through exceptional customer service.
We have never lost a customer
through failure to deliver

Location Advantage

Most of Central America is in the Central Time Zone, eliminating scheduling difficulties. Collaborate with Cornerstone for fulfilling careers, dedicated team support, and a proven 200% productivity boost-validated by satisfied clients.
Colombia operates in the US time zones

Candidate Quality

Skill-verified candidates, meticulously screened by experienced HR professionals

English Proficiency

Evaluation of language skills through comprehensive English proficiency testing

Skills Evaluation

Skill verification is conducted via assessments provided by top-tier third-party testing organizations

Video Introductions

Videos that will allow you to assess candidates' personalities, experience, and mindset before the interviews.


Cornerstone filters out unqualified candidates through rigorous pre-screening and interviews

Partner with Cornerstone & Elevate your hiring Process to New Heights of Success